Tomshine LED Plant Grow Light,15W Red/Blue spectrum Plant Bulb with adjustable Gooseneck for Indoor Plants,seed starting ,Greenhouse flowers, Plant Lamp stand with Three on/off Switch

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This plant grow light helps to accelerate the growth of greenery. It contains 9 red LEDs (620-630nm), 6 blue LEDs (460nm). Red light is best for blooming and fruits while blue light is best for photosynthesis. Both of them can be fully absorbed by plants. Provide your plants the light they need now.
DC12V LOW WORKING VOLTAGE: Never worry about electric shock as its output voltage is 12V which is lower than human safety voltage 36V.
ULTRA-BRIGHNESS: 15 pieces of ultra-bright LEDs provides enough light for the plants' growing, full brightness.
THREE-HEADED LIGHT WITH FULLY ADJUSTABLE HOSE DESIGN: Omni-directional 360 degree adjustable hose for covering a larger illumination area, each lamp can light up controlled by corresponding switch, you can choose anyone of them to work meeting the plant’s different growth stage.
SCIENTIFIC LIGHT EFFICIENCY: 140 ° LED light angle combined with 45 ° PC lens, improves the light efficiency.
CONSTANT VOLTAGE MODE: Adopted constant voltage mode design, stable voltage, safe,reliable.
GREAT HEAT DISSIPATION: High quality aluminum lamp base with superb aluminum light shape, cooling down quickly for better performance.
LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Equipped with LEDs which are energy-saving, cost-saving, eco-friendly, low power consumption, long service life is over 50,000hrs, No UV, infrared radiation, zero emissions, saving more than 90% of energy.
CLAMP DESIGN: 5.5cm maximum clamp width clip range make it can clamp in various places.
EXTENSIVE APPLICATION: it is suitable for greenhouse, balcony, plant factory, farm and so on.
Input voltage: AC110v
Output voltage: DC12v 1a
Rated Power: 15W
Light source: LED
Quantity of LED: 15PCS
LED quantity: 9 red LEDs (620-630nm) & 6 blue LEDs (460nm)
Luminous: 630LM
Beam angle: 140°
Irradiation angle: 360°
Lens angle: 45°
Light color: red (620-630nm)/blue (460nm)
Working temperature:-30~75
IP grade: IP44
Heat dissipation: Aluminum lamp base & aluminum light shape
Item color: Silver
Switch type: 3 * press button
Material: Aluminum alloy & PC
Lifespan: > 50,000hrs
Warranty: 1 years
Recommended height to the plant: 20-45cm according to different growing stage
Suggested continuous working time: 4-8hours per day, no more than 12 hours per day.
Item size:11*7.5*43cm/4.3*3*16.9in (L*W*H)
Item weight: 613g/21.6oz
Package size:20*15*8.5cm/7.9*5.9*3.3in (L*W*H)
Package weight: 680g/24oz
1. Do not soak this item into water and keep it far away from fire.
2. The continuous lighting time should not exceed 12 hours per day.
3. Please do not stare at the light directly.
4. Please do not touch or strike the LED light during its normal working.
5. Do not over-physically shock, impact, disassemble this item.
6. It is recommended to keep enough water of plant when growing and using this product because light will evaporate the water.
Package list:
1 * Grow light
1 * User manual

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